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Sustainable energy saving in the industry

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petrochemical plantpetrochemical plantDLF Sustainable is a specialist in the field of thermodynamical applications. Examples are: Sun Power Systems (CSP, CPV, CPVT, sun collectors and sun panels),CHP applications, sludge dryers/incinerators, glass and plastic recycling, heaters, food dryers, gasification units, sand drying, etc. We have in depth knowlegde of Pulsed Combustor Technology.
We can offer you a broad scope of services like prelimanary studies, energy analyses, system design and project management. Often we can reduce your energy consumption. Our solutions will save you money and not only increasing your profit, but also reducing environmental impact.

windenergy at the slufter near Rotterdamwindenergy at the slufter near Rotterdam


We use a Quick Scan to analyse your business process and advice how to optimize it. Our method Sustenize will controll this process from analysis to implementation and maintenance. We embrace the cradle to cradle (C2C) filosophy to emphasizee our policy to use resources of mother earth in a sustainable way, like we use to do for many years.



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Optimization of diesel engines

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Under pressure of increasing fuel costs and higher emission standards it is interesting to exame the fine tuning of an engine. We developed for that purpose a software model of an engine, with which we can simulate several new ideas. With this program we can examine e.g. the inpact of variable valve timing, water injection, EGR, used fuel, down scaling, turbo characteristics, etc. The program takes into account temperature


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Poster Pulse Combustion op AMI Opening Symposium - April 15, 2010

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Het onderzoek over Pulse Combustion van DLF Sustainable verricht door Pieter van Heerbeek wordt gepresenteerd op Opening Symposium van het Applied Mathematical Institute van 3TU door

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Fruit drogen in Sub Sahara Afrika

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DLF Sustainable is in overleg met diverse partijen om droogapparatuur te bouwen voor Sub Sahara Afrika. Een en ander is van start gegaan als project om een commerciele business nuttig te combineren met ontwikkelingswerk. Daartoe heeft



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Sustainable Technology and Environmental Solutions

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